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The Story!

My living bread is named Pierre. He is a chocolate donut that lives inside our DVD player. When I'm not looking, he sneaks out onto the couch and watches the movie 'Titanic' over and over again. Pierre is a bisexual donut, and he thinks that Leo is hott. And he can speak excellent French, because he's originally from France!

I met Pierre at this nightclub we have here in Wausau called Vibes. I was buying a condom from the vending machine in the ladies' room, but instead of a hot pink, bubblegum-flavoured condom, Pierre popped out instead! He begged me to take him home with me, and he's been living in our DVD player ever since.

Thus my slogan was born! "Think before you fuck: use a donut!" XD

(This community is completely insane! I love it! <3 The Donut Lady)
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